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Trending Now: Spring 2012’s 5 Hottest Styles

Sun-kissed tans, oversized shades, and flippy dresses – spring is officially here (and on the runways)! This season, some new fashion statements are mixing with the old, styles that were hot “way back when.” Fashion is all about recycling trends to keep things fresh while maintaining that approachable familiarity. This spring, top designers bring back elements of the psychedelic sixties and seventies, decades that were defining movements in fashion, but take a totally 2012 spin on them. That said, here are the five biggest statement-makers of the season: 

1. Floral Prints
— Hippies rejoice! This season sees the return of a seventies staple – flowers, flowers, everywhere. From silky skirts to maxi dresses to vintage chic jumpsuits, floral prints are being revived in a novel way. You can expect graphic, digitally designed flowers to adorn your favorite garments, giving this classic trend a fresh, modern take.

2. Soft Neutrals — When I think of spring, images of a floaty, ethereal nature come to mind. The warm weather gives us a chance to show off our feminine side, bear a little skin, and cover up in lighter-than-air pieces. Apparently, that is exactly what designers were thinking when they hit the runways in Paris and New York this season. Valentino and Carolina Herrera are leading this trend. 

3. Nautical Wear
— Get on board with this warm-weather favorite: nautical-themed apparel. Designers are pushing the boundaries of this popular style by experimenting with more colors. You’ve seen the classic blue and white, but have you thought about setting sail in tangerine orange and mustard yellow?

4. Bold Patterns
— This year, it’s time to go big or go home. When designers brought out their bold, flashy patterns in vibrant colors, they made a silent statement that they are serious about graphic prints. You can have fun with geometric shapes, color blocking, or girly swirls.

5. Peplum Waists — And finally, the forties make a comeback of their own this spring with peplum skirts! Peplum simply means adding a flouncy overskirt to the waist of any clothing – skirts, dresses, jackets, you name it! It makes for an extra feminine and admittedly nostalgic vibe.

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