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Here at Duke, we all know the one excused absence for class is a STINF form-and we know we’re only supposed to use it for real, debilitating illnesses. The STINF form is a great resource that Duke gives us to let our professors know that we can’t make it to class, without requiring us to get up and get a note from Student Health, like many other schools expect.

However, sometimes this doesn’t seem like enough. There are plenty of other reasons why Duke students can’t make it to class. Do you ever catch yourself thinking—wow, I’m really about to be late for class right now and this is definitely not my fault? We’ve all been there.

What we really need are STINF forms to explain to our professors why we’re walking into discussion late. This idea hit me while I was waiting in the ABP sandwich line for half of an hour and I realized I had to go to Chem lecture, but I already ordered my sandwich….. what…. a dilemma……

But there really are a lot of timewasters on campus that distract us from our supposedly scholarly lives as students. Here’s a list of some of the biggest places/activities to avoid when you’re in a rush:

Duke Timewasters

1) Waiting in the ABP Sandwich Line—Estimated Maximum Time: 20 minutes

2) E-Print—Estimated Maximum Time: Forever if it’s broken, try the one in Perkins!

3) Missing the C-2 by 30 seconds—Estimated Maximum Time: 15 minutes plus the ride over

4) Loyo truck in the chapel loop—Estimated Maximum Time: …well you’re going to have to eat it, so it could be a while. Don’t wait up? 

5) Someone paying with cash in VDH—Goddamnit, lady.

Some Others: 

6) Your professor going over time in class

7) Flash rainstorm

8) Parking in the Blue Zone

9) Friends tabling on the plaza

10) Free t-shirt opportunity

So keep track of your time wisely and avoid falling into these traps that are taking up your time!

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