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That Time I Casually Got Into the Duke vs. UNC Game…

Since the Duke vs. UNC game was possibly (read: definitely) the most exciting day of my year (read: of my life), I feel it is only appropriate to tell the tale of how I luckily and spontaneously wound up in the game.

The weekend before game day, I was on a club lacrosse trip to Santa Barbara. Still having regrets about not getting it together in time to tent, I sat quietly as other girls chatted excitedly about the approaching game. On Sunday night, we were driving back to the airport, very sad about leaving the sunny, 75˚ weather. Out of nowhere, one of my teammates blurted out a game-changing revelation: “Guys, the walk up line is going to be SO easy this year!”

This girl – one who had black tented, I might add – went on to read the 90% forecast of snow for the two days leading up to the game. Everyone immediately agreed, and the wheels in my head started turning. Without hesitation, I texted my friend and suggested the idea of us doing the walk up line for the game. She was beyond down, and we planned a schedule through text right then and there. Yes, there were some conflicts, but we were both more than willing to skip a class here and there to potentially be able to go to the UNC game.

We touched down from Cali Monday morning, grabbed some layers and blankets from our dorms, and made it to Cameron to register by noon. Number 148, baby! We switched off the rest of that afternoon until around 5 pm when the first snow flurries began. Grace was called for the night. #WINNING

But wait…it gets better…because grace was then called for THE NEXT DAY. Literally all of Tuesday was grace. Thank you, snow gods!!! The walk up line was to resume at 9:30 AM.. on Wednesday and would continue until noon when it was officially over. So, just to summarize, our “walk up line” experience consisted of less than 10 combined hours of sitting outside. Right about now we are declaring our eternal gratitude to the teammate of ours that suggested the walk up line. 

Fast forward a few hours and it is game day (as told by the informative Snapchat geotag). We head to Kville a few hours before the game, still in shock that we are actually going to go to this game. As we enter Cameron, we are super disappointed to find out that the student section is full. BUT, a line monitor points us in the direction of where to sit and our seats are AWESOME. Yes, they are right behind the UNC bench (boo!) but we are super close, and surrounded by some surprisingly cool Duke adults!

I could go into the details of the game right now, but unless you happen to live under a rock (in which case I doubt you would ever be reading this), I’m sure you know that it was a beyond exciting game in which Duke KILLED IT.

Amazing night, amazing memories. Plus I got this sick pic at the bonfire. GO BLUE DEVILS! To many more amazing times in Cameron. 

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