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Three TV Shows You Should Be Watching


Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to make a bunch of pretty serious decisions – majors, classes, and summer plans. So, obviously, I’ve also been watching a bunch of TV to procrastinate these decisions and am here to share some of my faves with you all! Yes, I am aware that the first round of exams might be creeping up on some of us and now might not be the best time to alert you to these procrastination methods but I just can’t help sharing!

1. The Carrie Diaries

Last winter, I was all about Sex and the City, going so far as to watch the first five seasons of it in a matter of weeks. After that, I was quick to watch the SATC movies (the first was definitely better than the second, but the second is always a good option if you’re in need of a chick flick). As you can probably imagine, I tired myself out pretty quickly. Every now and then, in a moment of weakness and procrastination, I’ll find myself re-watching some of my favorite episodes, but definitely not with the same voracity as last year. When I saw a trailer for The Carrie Diaries, I was stoked! I’ve only seen the first episode, so don’t blame me if it turns out to be a flop, but it definitely has potential.

2. The Office

I’ve been a fan of The Office since Day 1. I’ll admit, there were some points in which I thought I might have to part ways (Michael Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin, I mean, really?!!), but I’ve stuck it out. Now, in its final season, it has come a long way. The cast has certainly changed and the characters aren’t what they used to be (Jim and Pam have two kids…), but it remains a favorite! While I’m sad to see it go, the best part is that there are plenty of old episodes online to watch.

3. The Mindy Project

When Mindy Kahling left Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, I was shocked to find that she was moving into the medical field. But, what a good move it has been! The Mindy Project follows Dr. Mindy Lahiri as she deals with romance troubles, work struggles, friend problems, and everyday life issues. With her attitude and comedic genius, I find myself smiling and laughing at her every move. Definitely a great show to check out for all of you possible pre-meds trying to figure out if the medical field is right for you (joking…unless being a doctor automatically turns you into Mindy Kahling, in which case, I should probably enroll in Orgo ASAP).

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