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The love hypothesis by ali hazelwood

This book is probably one of my best reads of 2021! I was in a romance book slump until reading this gem. It made me laugh out loud. It is the perfect combination of slight enemies-to-lovers and fake dating. It is also set on a college campus and the secondary characters are beautifully developed. The romance is between two biology researchers: a professor named Adam and a graduate student named Olive (he isn’t her superior or supervisor). Olive randomly kisses him because she wants to convince her best friend to go after a guy Olive dated a few times. So many tropes in one!

the love Act by zara bell

I was very surprised by how good this was. It is on Kindle Unlimited. I have low expectations for some of the books on there because it doesn’t take much to be published on Amazon. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing this book was! It helped me get over my The Love Hypothesis blues. It is another fake dating, enemies to lovers book. This one is hilarious. Perhaps even more than The Love Hypothesis. I laughed out loud almost every chapter. This is a fake dating scheme for publicity between Jack, an actor with an attitude, and Cassie, a woman who works behind the scenes of a talk show.

the wall of winnipeg and me by mariana zapata

Vanessa is the assistant or girl Friday to the Aiden Graves, a professional football player. Well all of that was true until she quit. When he comes running back, he has an unusual request for her. As you would expect, antics ensue. This beautiful book has a grumpy hero and a sweet heroine. She even does designs for romance novels. He plays football and that’s it. Mariana Zapata is the queen of angst so put on your patience pants.

The stand-in boyfriend by emma doherty

This is a young adult novel. It’s a little less spicy than the others. This is a sports romance, unrequited love, and fake dating romance. The two main characters are both soccer players. Livy is in love with her best friend, but he has a girlfriend. The star of the men’s soccer team, Chase, asks Livy to be his pretend girlfriend to get his ex off of his back. Oh, and his ex girlfriend hates Livy and always has. Any guesses why? Shenanigans and funny times ensue.

What I DID FOr Love by susan elizabeth phillips

This is a bit of a cheat because this is a fake marriage that is actually legal, I think. It’s been a while since I have read it all the way through. But I do reread it a lot, and I actually bought it in hardback! The two former costars on a hit TV show pretend to be in love and married. Georgie can save face from her failed marriage and his new partner. Bram can boost his reputation and get a more serious acting career. Their banter is hilarious, and you get three stories in one. The main thread is Georgie and Bran but there are two other romances with some secondary characters. I love all three romances a lot. No one does multiple romances in one book like Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

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