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Starting Off the Semester Right

Every semester I set a bunch of goals for myself both academically and personally.  Some I keep diligently, some I break almost immediately, and some I decide to just completely ignore.  However, despite their outcome, I find that at least attempting to set new standards for myself helps me both organize my priorities and focus my thoughts during what is always an exciting and hectic time of the year.  I’ve decided to share some of these goals in the hopes that maybe you will also find some sort of use out of them if you decide to make your own, but at the very least this will force me to stop procrastinating mine.

First of all, this semester I am going to stop procrastinating.  Goodbye hours wasted on Facebook the night before a major assignment is due.  It’s been nice knowing you, but in your place I will get an extra hour or two of sleep. 

That leads me into my second goal for the semester: get more sleep.  Like a lot more sleep because last semester I got nowhere near what any reasonable person would call a healthy amount.  More importantly though, the less sleep that I get, the more coffee I drink and goal number three is to cut my caffeine consumption in half.  This intention is probably at best a very naively made one and at worst a delusional one, but honestly even if it only slightly reduces the amount of coffee I drink, I’ll be pretty satisfied.

Another lofty ambition of mine this semester is to actually make it to the gym more than once a month.  More specifically, I want to exercise at least once a week (this starts as of tomorrow though because otherwise I’ve failed this resolution already).  In order to balance out exercise, which to me is basically a form of torture, I also want to organize my time well enough this semester to have time to myself to relax.  This is something that usually winds up falling to the end of my priority list as my various obligations pick up, but I’ve found that carving out “me time” really helps keep me from getting to stressed. 

Whatever happens, failure or success, I’m happy that I’ve laid out my goals in a clear and achievable way, and I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same! 

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