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Start Planning Spring Break!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.


This semester is totally flying by, and as weird as it seems, spring break is in
just a few weeks! It’s time to start making plans, or if you’re like me and tend to
procrastinate, catching up on some TV shows before you finally start thinking about
making plans in a few weeks. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your planning:
Head Home
Spending some time at home is always an enjoyable way to spend vacation. Catching
up with friends, reuniting with family, and enjoying some home-cooked meals? I’m
Road Trip
This summer, my sister and I spontaneously decided to do a mini road trip up to
Vermont (from CT) for the weekend. We picked a final destination (the Ben and
Jerry’s Factory) and from there, started looking up weird and offbeat locations along
the way. Check out Roadside America for help – you can even input your route and
see what attractions are on the way! While it can be nice to have a few locations
picked out ahead of time, my favorite part of the trip was the freedom we had.
We could choose when and where we wanted to stop. We discovered some of the
coolest places by getting off on random exits and seeing where the road took us.
Grab some friends and hit the road this spring break!
Break at the Beach
Hitting the beach is a popular spring break option for college kids across the
country, and with good reason! It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a busy
start to the semester. While many people head down to beaches in the south, don’t
overlook less popular beaches – you might be able to score a deal and discover a cool
new spot!
Whatever you choose to do this spring break, start planning now so you can avoid
sky-high prices and last minute stress!
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Sabrina is a Junior at Duke University, and is double majoring in English and Public Policy. A born and bred South African, Sabrina has traveled to the USA to pursue her higher education. As well as being a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Sabrina is also Assistant Vice President for Recruitment for the Panhellenic Association at Duke. Sabrina has written for Duke's daily newspaper, The Chronicle and Duke's fashion magazine, FORM. After graduating, she hopes to attend law school preferably in her favourite city, New York. In her spare time, Sabrina vegges out to various fashion blogs, mindless TV (Pretty Little Liars anyone?) and online shopping (which borders on an addiction). If you manage to catch her in an energetic mood, she's probably on her way to cardiodance (or to the nearest mall).