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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

Finals szn is fast approaching, storage units must be organized and booked, and summer internship details need finalizing. This can only mean one thing… time to procrastinate through spring cleaning instead! Take these six tips as ways to de-stress, de-clutter, or just avoid other life responsibilities!

1. Clean your room

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A messy room = a messy life, so pick up those week old panties and get to it! It is practically impossible to get any quality work done if you’re room screams “I don’t give a sh*t.” I know, I know, you left your mom at home for a reason, but I promise, just try making your bed and putting away that mound of fabric that’s been building since O-Week, and you’ll feel a load (of last month’s unfolded laundry) come right off your shoulders. You’ll be amazed at what a neat room can do for the clutter that’s going on in your brain.

2. Get a planner

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What’s the number one way to feel like the girl boss that you internally already know you are? Start using a planner. Do you have important dates that need remembering? Yes. Do you have meetings with powerful people who need to be squeezed in between calc and yoga-laties (yes, your math tutor counts, he has the power to boost your grade after all)? Of course! Do you have awesome gel pens that need to be used? How did I know! Not only does writing down important things coming up into a cute little Vera Bradley calendar make you look like you have your act together, but it actually does help keep you on top of things. Never again will you totally space out on that review session your professor mentioned in passing or that interesting speaker coming to campus next month. Final project next week? You knew about that since day one of the semester. Want to meet for coffee next Tuesday at 2? Let me see if I can pencil you in.

3. Make a To-Do list

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When you have so much on your plate that you can hardly keep the philanthropy event, Spanish paper, CompSci assignment, and guest lecturer all straight, the best thing to do is put it down on paper. Seeing a list of all of the things due by that midnight deadline laid out in front of you may be daunting at first, but nothing feels better than ticking off that little box with a triumphant flick o-the- wrist. Seriously, nothing. Sometimes I even add tasks that I’ve already completed to my to-do list just so that I can X out that bad boy and wallow in my own productivity.

4. Get into a routine

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Having somewhere to be gives you accountability for having your work done by that point in time. Whether it’s a weekly lunch date or an exercise class, if you have somewhere you need to be at 7, you’re self assigned dead-line will insure that you don’t waste your time before then.

5. Clean out your inbox

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See that little red bubble that reads “1,292” on the corner of your email?Yeah, that’s got to go. Shovel through that spam and those invitations to talk to XXXBrittneyXSexiX and make room for all of the LinkedIn requests, internship opportunities, and study abroad acceptances that are sure to flood in once your spring cleaning is complete! You will thank yourself later when you no longer need to scavenge among you conversations with DolphinsROCK18@aol.com from 2008 for that paper you were SURE you emailed your professor last week.

6. Say no to FOMO

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There will be another Friday night, I promise. In fact, t’s only 7 days from now! And I may be wrong here, but I can almost guarantee that there will also be a Saturday night next week, too. If you’re slammed with finals studying, applications, or in such desperate need of doing laundry that you have convinced yourself that bathing suit bottoms are a sufficient replacement for underwear this week, don’t let FOMO keep you from having a productive night in. We won’t even make fun of you, I promise.

The school year may be coming to an end, but spring is the month of beginnings and rebirth, so bust out of your unorganized, unproductive, cluttered cocoon, and spread those wangs girl. You got this!

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