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In the Spirit of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day: 7 Black Romance Novels (Read and TBR)

I read a lot of romance. I’m sure it is obvious from my many posts about them, but I need to reiterate my love of romance novels. I also need to point out that diversity in romance is an issue. There are just not enough books written by people of color that get published or are well-known. I have read a smattering of novels about and by people of color, but not enough. In the spirit of Black History Month and our upcoming Valentine’s Day, I put together a list of a few novels that feature a Black protagonist that I have read. Some of them are written by Black women and others are not. I only want to recommend what I have read and enjoyed, and I have not read enough Black romance written by Black authors. To correct this oversight and give you all insight into my reading habits, I will include a short excerpt of my to-be-read list that features some Black romance written by Black authors. Now bring on the books!




Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert


This book was an absolute delight. I could not put it down. Chloe was such an amazing and strong protagonist who started to take control of her life again. This book also delves into the hardships of living with chronic pain when no one else can see the pain. Chloe’s love interest is hot stuff as well, and I loved their interaction and his background story. He is a painter, and I love hot artists who are sweet and caring. Pick this novel up before the last in the series comes out soon! You do not want to miss it.


The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa


Sosa does a great job of making this novel funny and relatable. What would you do if you were forced to work with the man who convinced your groom to leave you at the altar? If you are Carolina Santos, you freak out and then deal with it by being amazing at your job as a wedding planner. You also might sometimes be a little cold because he deserves it just a little bit. This novel is a combination of unbelievable situations and real emotions. If you want to laugh and have a love and hate relationship with weddings, I think this one’s for you.


Jilted by Eve Vaughn


I loved this novel so much when I read it a few years ago. It made me cry. It is a beautiful, if sometimes frustrating second chance romance. Skylar Brown was all set to marry the love of her life, until he said no at the altar. Years later, they meet again and her former fiance, Ashley, has to learn to deal with the fact she was not the only person he left when he skipped out on the life they planned together. Also note that both of the protagonists work in law and it creates one of the many vehicles through which they meet again.


Consolation Prize by Linda Kage

I will caution this recommendation with the fact that this novel is written by a white author. I read it a few years ago and loved it. I have no strong issues with the way the Black heroine is portrayed, but I am also only one opinion out of many. 


Juliana Radcliffe used to have a crush on Colton Gamble’s brother, and now Colton Gamble likes her. However he’s younger than her, persistent, and not Black. The novel follows the progression of their relationship as Colton attempts to woo the lovely Juliana. In my opinion, Kage does a wonderful job of expressing the concerns Juliana has as a Black woman interested in dating a white man, when her social circle is mostly Black. 


My TBR Excerpt


Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson


This one sounds so intriguing because of the secret crush and men who knit! I also have never heard of a knitting store, so that could be interesting to describe as well.


Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan


I love sports romances, and I especially like the idea of the heroine’s past relationship colliding with her future, since her current toxic relationship plays with her new obsession. There could be some interesting drama and revelations to work through.


Intercepted by Alexa Martin


This novel is another sports romance with a similar premise to Long Shot. I am intrigued by the fact that the cheating ex and the new beau play on the same football team. I would love to know what excuses the ex has, especially when she starts liking someone else.


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