Sorority Rush as Told by Nick Miller

The mirror pep talk the night before- it’s finally the time you’ve been waiting for all first semester, you're ready to be a sister!

Walking into your first sorority party

You hit your first lull in the conversation and you’re sure you’ve blown it for good with this sorority 

When your #1 choice isn’t on your schedule for round 2

…but accepting it and putting on a fresh face for Philanthropy anyway

Attempting to go in for a hug in a sorority that gives hand shakes

What your conversations start sounding like by your last sorority of the day 

Trying to explain recruitment words like PNM, prefs, and Gamma Chi’s to your mom

When you get home from round 2 and take in your room clutered with potential outfits, realize you haven’t done any homework for your new classes, and you still have to order your textbooks.

Putting on that new outfit you bought over winter break for semi-formal round

Trying to pref your sororities but realizing you love them all

But after much deliberation you finally get that feeling everyone told you about when “you just know” which sorority is right for you

Bid day finally arrives and the first day of your Greek life begins