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Shooters as Told Through New Girl

Nothing beats a little mid-semester Shoots celebration, but how do you describe the true Shooters experience to your friends from home? With New Girl gifs of course!

1. TFW you’re at the pregame and people start making the move for Shoots

2. But then you see freshmen who can’t handle their alc on the way there

3. But you make it there and end up seeing a cutie on the dance floor

4. But then you get unwanted advances from some rando like

5. And next thing you know you’re dancing with someone for half a song before they ask you to come home with them

6. And then your friend starts dancing with someone and you’re left alone

7. But you run into more friends working your way through the crowd

8. And then one of them suggests Late Night Pitch

9. When you finish a haystack but then someone offers you their leftovers so you make room for more

10. Then you wake up Sunday morning…

11. And either consider all of the poor life choices you’ve made…

12. Or look over to find a particularly unexpected surprise…

Either way, even with all of its ups and downs, Shooters is a part of the Duke experience, so I’ll see you there next Wednesday!

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