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Name: Sebastian Vandenheste
Age: 19
Hometown: Hong Kong, China
Concentration: History Major, Economics Minor, MMS Certificate
Favorite place to eat off campus: Revolutions; they always have a great tasting menu that I recommend ordering.
First thing you notice about a girl: Her hair, its all about the flow.
Why Duke: The gothic architecture and being able to escape city life.

Best class taken at Duke: European Colonial Encounter with Susanna Thorne; the idea of power enthralls me.
Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye.
Ideal Saturday night: Hanging out with my Delta Sig brothers having just played an afternoon of golf with my roommate at the WA Duke.
Favorite TV Show: Blue Mountain State. Thad Castle? Enough said.
Most embarrassing memory: Being 50 minutes late to Spanish my freshman year after getting on the Robertson Bus. It wasn’t until half way there that I realized I was headed to Chapel Thrill.
Favorite “fro-yo” flavor: Chocolate with Gummy Bears.
If you could take anyone to a date function: Lady Gaga, but only if she promised not to cramp my style. 

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