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Sarah Crockett

Sarah Crockett


Economics with a minor in Spanish! (Wohoo! I decided last week.)

Andover, MA

Duke Clubs:
I’m in Alpha Phi. I’m the treasurer of the tap group on campus, On Tap! I’m also a part of the club squash team on campus.

Go to snack food:
Cape Cod chips and chocolate chips. Not really healthy… but delicious. My go to healthy snack is probably any kind of fruit.

Favorite Durham Spot:
Sushi Love. I’m obsessed with sushi right now, but I love the vibe at Parker and Otis too.

Favorite film:
Finding Nemo, classic. How can you go wrong?

Celebrity crush:
Ryan Gosling.

Current song obsession:
Wanted by Hunter Hayes, it’s cheesy and country, but so great if I do say so myself, haha. I love it and I’m proud of it.

Best Ben & Jerry’s flavor:
Half-baked… absolutely. Although I can’t eat ice cream because I’m recently allergic to milk… (sucks, I know) BUT that’s beside the point. :)

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