RA On Call: A Day in the Life of a Duke Resident Assistant

As I have recently found out, being an RA is not an easy job. After being hired days after my study abroad experience, for the last month and a half, I have discovered what really happens behind the scenes in a college dorm. Granted being an RA isn’t for everyone, proven by all of my friends' sentiments and the number of times I’ve heard “I could never do that…”, it is worth it! Saying all that, I thought it would be cool to show you guys what it’s like to be an RA on call.



7:00 am

Yep, that’s right it’s Monday at 7:00 am. Time to get in the shower and get dressed. It’s time for your weekly team meeting! Chop, Chop. 8 o’clock will be here before you know it.


9:30 amAt the team meeting, you discuss the normal - fraternities on probation, trash violations, lockouts, all the fun things. Then finally! The meeting’s over, but it’s still so early. What should I do now? I’m awake, but I don’t have class until 1:25 pm. Maybe I’ll take a nap and hit up Marketplace for lunch 😍. Ok yeah sounds good.


9:35 am

Oh no you don’t. It’s your roommate knocking on your door freaking out about her class in 10 minutes and a locked bathroom door.


10:00 am

Ok crisis adverted. Now it’s time to sleep.


11:00 am

I really needed that. But now I have to get ready and travel 1 mph to class. Oh no you don’t, don’t you fall back asleep. Get your head in the game, only one class today!


4:30 pm

Well, that was draining, but the day’s not over. I know! I’ll go to yoga at 5:30!


5:45 pm

Ok skinny legend, I see you! It’s time to eat now! Oh no, wait I have to shower. If I have to be on Central by 8:00 to get the on-call bag, will I really want to go all the way to there to shower and then go to West? Should I just walk around stinky? Should I just not eat? UGHH.  


6:45 pm

Smh, I knew what was going to happen. Now my hair’s wet and I’m hungry. Guess I'll just wait it out and order Merchants on Points.  


7:15 pm

I hate my self. I’m soo hungry. Can I make it to West and back before I’m on call? No, I can’t, maybe I’ll just do some work.



Ok, what’s Domino’s number? Should I get cheesy bread, pizza or wings? Hell, I’m gonna get them all.


9:30 pm

You get your first call a simple lockout in your building, though you have to put on two jackets and shoes, it’s easy peasy! Oh and the Domino’s guys just got here. Perfect timing!


11:12 pm

Ok my second call, that’s fine. It’s not even that late. I would be up anyway. Yeh, it’s across the street. Yeh, it’s 32 degrees outside. But it’s fine, I only have 13 more days of on-call this semester. It’s fine. I’m fine.


11:30 pm

Ok, two was enough. I do not want to go back outside again, so fingers crossed.



3:30 am


Oh my god, is this some kind of cruel joke. I’m sure it’s someone locked out their apartment after a late night Walmart run. Guess I need to put on shoes, so I can save the day.