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Post Spring Break Products You Need

1. After Sun

If you’re lucky enough to have spent hours lazing on the beach, chances are that you have some sort of sunburn. Sunburns not only look red, but also are a sign of UV rays damaging your skin, and are essentially first-degree burns. Aftersun products are a great way to help skin repair quickly. Look out for one that contains aloe Vera as this is cooling for your skin.

Try Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother for $10

2. Deep conditioner

All the time spent in the ocean and pool combined with the strong UV rays can take a toll on your hair, changing the texture and appearance of it. Use a deep conditioner to counter the damage, and perhaps even try a leave in one or a hair mask! If you want to save money or make a natural one, try one of these recipes!

3. Moisturizer

It’s a known fact that a lot of direct sun exposure can make you age faster, so invest in a good moisturizer that is sensitive enough for your face. If you want a lighter moisturizer, look for a gel, as it will feel more comfortable on your skin.

Try Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel for $23.50 which is made from yoghurt and plant extracts.

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