People of Duke: Keohane Kitty

Meet this week's campus cutie – a precious calico cat that usually resides around Keohane, the bushes behind Few, or sometimes Wannamaker.

Known as to most as Peaches, but also as Pepper, Kitty, and various other names, this georgeous and playful stray has become a member of Duke University. Everyone from students to staff can't help but stop to cuddle with her.

Don't let her glare fool you, she's extremely friendly to all passerbyers, and will often pur and rub her head against you if you take a moment to say hello.

Students have gone above and beyond to make sure that Peaches is well taken care of. On cold nights, you'll find the Caretakers of Peaches Facebook group active as ever, working to find someone to take her in for the night and keep her well fed. 

And speaking of food, don't worry. Now there's even a container of food by one of her many shelters so passing by students can fill up her bowl if they see it's empty!

Besides, she doesn't seem to have issues finding food as is.


She's stolen the hearts of our campus, so next time you're on your way to McClendon Tower, say hi to one of Duke's sweetest feline friends!