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Old Fashion Trends Resurface in Present Day

How much easier would life be for lots of us if wavy hair were the style? Enough of this straightening the hair until it resembles uncooked spaghetti straight out of the box; stiff and brittle, ready to crack any second now. Not only would our hair be healthier, but we would get to sleep in 15 minutes later and simply let our hair fall naturally and beautifully. To get a more vintage, soft look if your hair is naturally wavy or curly, let your hair be. Your hair will have more attitude and personality. Farrah Fawcett wore her hair wavy or curly and she completely rocked it, and so can you!

As was popular for teens and young adults in the 70’s, the crop top is back, but in new form. Back in the day, the crop top tended to go hand in hand with the infamous scrunchie and high perky ponytail.  Today, the midriff-revealing crop top tends to be made of loose, flowy material being shorter in the front and a bit longer in the back allowing for some exposure of the stomach but not completely revealing the entire abdomen.



By the end of the 70’s, after the bellbottom style suffered from overkill, skinny jeans also known as “cigarette-leg” jeans came into style. Skinny jeans are officially back to stay. Skinny jeans are perfect to wear with that cute new pair of flats you purchased over fall break. They are also a great alternative to leggings to be tucked into winter boots or even with heels, but beware of skinny jeans with running sneakers!

A tanned face was also popular back in the 70’s, but not as much bronzer was used as nowadays. Be careful when applying bronzer; be sure to evenly apply it to your entire face but try not to use so much as to make your face and rest of your body not match in terms of color. Rosy peach blush, which was trendy in the 70’s, is still in today. Lightly dab a rosy peach blush to blend in with the bronzer, particularly under the cheekbones. Dark black, full, voluminous eyelashes have persisted over the past few decades. Oftentimes two coats of mascara are used to really define and fill in lashes. If you’re feeling really trendy, go with a bright red lipstick; it adds attitude and cheerful color to the face. Be bold and go for it.
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