Music Suggestions from your Local Melomaniac

Music is a big part of my life. I am always the friend on the AUX cord, the one who sleeps with headphones on and always says “You have got to listen to this.” I love music because there are no boundaries or binaries. Because music has such a special place in my heart, I wanted to share some of my favorite artists right now and my favorite songs by them.

1. Jorja Smith

via: Not New Hip Hop

Born a year before me, Jorja Smith is legitimately killing it. After having a hit song on the Black Panther album and a hit single, I am actively waiting on a full album from her. She is so good at what she does, and Blue Lights, is my song. She also did a cover of Lost by Frank Ocean, and it is beautiful.

2. Masego

via: Masego Music

With Masego, I don’t play. I think I am actually in love with this man. From his finger tattoos to the way he kills the saxophone, I am obsessed. I think all of his songs are great, and I have legit listened to his whole discography on repeat. Nayhoo and Queen Tings are my favorites, but every single song is worth a listen.

3. Ella Mai

via: Mix Tape Monkey

With Ella Mai, I don’t even know where to start, she is beautiful, talented and British. She has such a great voice and has such a chill vibe. The first song of hers I heard was, She Don’t with Ty Dolla Sign. One of my favorite songs is Boo’d Up, but to be honest her whole album, Ready, is fire.

4. FKJ

via: Juice Online

FKJ, also known as French Kiwi Juice, is a talented musician and singer from (you guessed it) France. Just recently releasing his first album last year, he has produced some great songs, including Vibin’ Out with (((O))).  He is so great, trust me.

5. Xavier Omar

via: Trackstarz

After trying out for American Idol and not making it past the preliminary round, Xavier decided to make music and prove them wrong, and so he did. I love his song Runnin’ Round—it is a complete bop and I am so happy with his music. On another note, he released a cover for Wonderful Cristmastime last year, and it changed me.

Now for a few honorable mentions:

Pine and Ginger by Amindi K. Fro$t

via: Youtube

Though I don’t know much about Amindi, I love this song and the Song Cover Art has been my screensaver for months.

Falling Autumn by alayna, Astronomyy

via: Genius

This song is so chill and it one of my favorite songs to fall asleep to. It is definitely worth a listen.