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Magazines Every Girl Needs in Her Life

I’ve always loved reading magazines. Filled with glossy pages and colorful pictures, they’re a fantastic break from boring textbooks. Although some are definitely trashy tabloids (I’m looking at you InTouch), a few have great fashion tips and advice that can help you in everyday life. Here are a few of my favorites. From fashion to beauty to health and exercise, there’s something for everyone. 


My personal favorite, Glamour, is the entire package: the latest styles from runway shows, career/life advice and in-depth interviews with the hottest stars of the moment. I love the section called “All About You” which features general tips to improve your life, like “7 Ways to Feel Happier Right Now” and “I Knew I Was Happy When . . .” The “Obsessed!” section is great as well; its reviews and recommendations for TV shows and movies are constantly accurate. The best part though is the “Hey, It’s Ok…” column that mentions things we’ve all done or thought. For instance, January’s issue said, “Hey it’s ok . . . if ‘animals cuddling’ is the top-searched term in you browser history.” I think we can all agree on that one.

Marie Claire

This magazine manages to pile everything you need to know about the latest in fashion, beauty, and pop culture each month into one issue. It starts off with a section called “That’s What She Said,” which includes quotes from some of the smartest, sassiest women in the spotlight today. One of my favorites is a quote from Anne Hathaway: “I have embarrassed myself again and again, and I have failed again and again. Eventually, that gives you strength of character.” It also features a “101 Ideas” section with the hottest pieces from your favorite designers. In addition, the @Play column provides great suggestions on how the make the most of your free time, from possible weekend trip ideas to how to throw the best theme party ever.

Women’s Health

Want to increase your health and happiness? Try picking up a copy of Women’s Health. Filled with awesome workout advice and tips on healthy eating, this magazine is great whether you’re a health guru or simply interested in becoming more fit. I love their articles on the latest food trends such as “12 Power Foods You Should Definitely Be Eating.” It also features the cutest workout clothes and discusses the latest research on nutrition. I always feel like I have my life in order after reading this magazine (whether I really do or not!).

Next time you’ve been staring at a chemistry textbook for hours and think you might go crazy, try picking up one of these magazines. They are guaranteed to lift your spirits. And yes, writing this article did give me an excuse to buy all of my favorite magazines —for research of course. 

Freshman at Duke University! I love my friends, running, buying things I can't afford, and watching Gossip Girl.
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