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Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas

Ahhh college, what a new and exciting time. College is the perfect time for a new start, and to leave certain elements of your past behind. However, some elements you don’t want to lose, like friends and relationships. Keeping a relationship fun and exciting is hard in general, but when you factor is the newfound distance often associated with going to college, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep the spark alive and continue to enjoy time with each other. Here are five of my favorite date ideas to turn the “dreaded” LDR into a date night to look forward to.

1. Movie Date

Movie dates are a staple in any relationship. Whether they take place at a local movie theater, in a friend’s basement, or in your bed with Netflix, movie dates are a solid go-to. Don’t let the distance prevent you from keeping up this tradition. Set up a movie on your laptop, and FaceTime your significant other on your phone. You can prop the phone up so that you can both watch the movie together, then you’ll be able to smile as you hear them laugh at the movie. Alternatively, plan to watch your favorite movie or Netflix series at the same time and then call each other afterwards to rehash it. Additionally, various website allow you both to simultaneously stream the same movie to remain completely in sync.

2. Cook Dinner Together

Hit up your local dorm room kitchen to prepare a fancy dinner. Remember, even chicken nuggets are considered fancy in college. FaceTime each other while you both are cooking. Bonus points if you pretend you are hosting a TV cooking show. When the food is done and your nose is blessed with amazing smells, sit down on FaceTime with your partner, and indulge in the hard work you both put in. Again, dinner dates are another staple in a relationship that can be continued no matter how far apart you are.

3. Online Shopping

Think of all the money you are saving in a long distance relationship without the frequent date nights. Set a budget and a time limit and challenge your significant other to find an outfit for the other given those conditions. Try to find clothes they could wear for your next date night together or the next time they come to visit. When time is up, share your shopping carts with each other. Consider it a win if they decided to indulge and make the purchase for you!

4. Plan Your Dream Vacation

Time to get creative without limits. Get online and get to work! Pick a destination and take turns planning all the details of your ultimate, dream vacation. Where will you go? How will you get there? How long will you stay? What will you do? Is there a budget? Where will you eat? Where will you stay? Where will you shop and buy souvenirs? What does the weather look like? What will you need to pack? Have fun and go crazy! Who knows, this dream may become a reality one day! Plus, you can apply this to a number of things (e.g., go fake house shopping together, or adopt a pet!)

5. Get Competitive!

Good, old-fashioned competition doesn’t have to take place in person. There are plenty of ways to challenge each other in an LDR. Use technology to your advantage and set up a step challenge on your Fitbits, or go for a gaming challenge and get competitive with your favorite Xbox game. Find an online gaming site and challenge your partner to a classic round of Chess or Checkers. Download GamePigeon and play games like pool back and forth over text. Winner picks the next date night activity!

Distance does not have to simmer the spark in a relationship. Instead, look at the distance as a way to find new activities to bond. All the best, you are stronger than the distance!

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