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The Life of the Younger Sibling as Told by the Hunger Games

We all know the double-edged sword that is having an older sibling—you hate to love ‘em, you love to hate ‘em. Sometimes, being the younger sibling can be a breeze, like when your parents go easy on you since you’re still the baby in their eyes. Other times, well, it can feel like a real-life version of the Hunger Games. Here are several common sibling moments that might just ring some bells.

1. When your older sibling has friends even though you know how terrible they can really be:


2. The first time you decide to actually pick a fight and regret it immediately

*plz spare me*

3. When you and your sibling both colossally mess something up and vow never to tell your parents…


4. …and actually get away with it


5. When they give you a “head start” but know full well they’ll beat you with minimal effort.


6. When they actually stand up for you when someone’s bullying you


7. But then the next second they’re back at their usual antics

At the end of the day, having an older sibling can have its ups and downs – but we all know that deep down, we wouldn’t be the same without them.

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