Lies I Told Myself During the Hurricane

A long weekend can turn out pretty badly when you have no self-control, as I (and I’m sure many of you out there) have realized.  Here’s to Florence, those four glorious days of procrastination and gluttony, and the sinking feeling in your stomach on Monday morning when you finally remember that Sakai post due Saturday night.

1. I’m definitely not going out to Shooters…

via. Duke College Bar


2. I'm totally not eating all my snacks in one day.

via. Handsome Dan


3. I’m not going to freak out and buy overpriced water.

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4. I’m finally getting a good night’s sleep!

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5. I’ll do all my Public Policy readings ahead of class.

via. Go London  

6. I’m only Netflixing one episode.

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7. I’m not going to waste all my time online shopping.

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8. I’ll step foot outside of my room!

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