What do we seek?


What do we demand?

Justice !

What don’t we get?



We don’t get justice.


It’s just us

Marching in the streets.

It’s just us

Fighting for peace.

It’s just us

Dying on the concrete.

via: Al Jazeera


We get nothing, but a persecuted existence.


The Police gets to tattoo targets on our lives.

The Police gets a license to exterminate our families.


It’s just them

Swatting down us like insects.

It’s just them

Silencing our voices.

It’s just them

Stripping us of our humanity.

via: Christ Church Cathedral


How many more times will we be swatted down?

How many more times will we be silenced?

How many more times will we be stripped of our humanity?


How many more times will we have

To Grieve

Our fathers and mothers,

Our sons and daughters,

Our sisters and brothers

That are unjustly taken from us?


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LaQuan McDonald.

Philip Coleman.

Quintonio Legrier.

Stephon Watts.

Eric Garner.

Ethan Saylor.

Charleena Lyles.

How many more names will we have to add to this list?


Charleena Lyles

Was a pregnant mother met

With police violence

When she called for protection.

Charlene was targeted and her life was taken.

She got a fatal gun wound.

Charleena deserved justice—not death.

via: Liberation News


Charleena was a human being

Who deserved to be treated

With dignity and respect.

We are all human beings

Who deserve to be treated

With dignity and respect.


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Charleena was not disposable.

We are not disposable.


Give us justice—not bullets.