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Humans of Duke: Sandy Moser

Name: Sandy Moser  Year: 2023 Major: Math  Hometown: Galloway, Ohio 


Who has been your biggest influence/inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration is my mom because she devotes so much of her own time and energy to making life better for other people. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In five years, I will hopefully be studying math in an exciting city and using healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the fact that I am drowning in debt. 


What has been the best thing about your Duke experience so far? Worst? 

The best thing about Duke is all the great people I have met here. I’ve been blessed with great classmates and gotten to know a lot of amazing people outside of class too. The worst part of my experience so far was realizing I had to go to classes after O-week. 


What are some of the things you do outside of class? 

Outside of class, I’ve recently become interested in cross stitching and I like to watch Numberphile videos on YouTube. I also like to hang out sometimes at a local family fun center. 


If you could pick, what superpower would you have? 

If I could pick a superpower, I’d pick the ability to read minds. It would be really cool to see other people’s thought processes. 


What groups are you involved in at Duke? 

At Duke I’m in what is objectively the best Focus Cluster: Science, Math, and Harmony in the Renaissance. I’m also in ASL club and on an intramural soccer team. 


If you were famous, what would it be for? 

If I was famous it would be for something super dumb and midwestern like surviving a lightning strike in a tornado while driving through a soybean field in a 2003 Honda Accord named Greg. 


If you had a theme song, what would it be? 

If I had a theme song it would be the Mii Plaza theme song because that absolute banger runs on a loop in my head all day. 


What’s your strange addiction? 

My strange addiction is sitting on a couch in Bell Tower’s third floor common room, staring at my laptop, and hoping some miracle of God will cause my assignments to complete themselves. 


What's your favorite season, and why? 

My favorite season is fall because everything is so cozy and cute and festive.