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Humans of Duke: Ava "Abel" Ganeshan

Name: “Abel”

Year: 2023

Major: Probably mechanical engineering

Hometown: Williamsburg (that’s it)


1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Happy (hopefully).


2. What’s your weirdest quirk?

Throwing my backpack around dramatically and almost killing people.


3. Who would star in the movie about your life (they can play you or your love interest)?

I want to say Rihanna, but she’s so powerful that her coming within a square mile of me would probably cause me to spontaneously combust .


4. Why did you decide Duke?

Because no one else wanted me (kidding).


5. What has been the best thing about your Duke experience so far? Worst?

Best thing: Meeting all my ‘hall mates’ in Giles. Worst thing: Max critiquing my writing.


6. If you were famous, what would it be for?

Dying in an extreme tragic yet vaguely iconic way.


7. What are some of the things you do outside of class?

Cry, and wish I could adequately play the violin.


8. What’s your favorite smell?

The scent of wind just before a thunderstorm.


9. What risks are worth taking?

All of them. Be wild (within reason). No gain no gain. Pet an alpaca. Play real life Grand Theft Auto. Hug your mom. Build a time machine and tell your granddaughter’s dog you lovethem. Carpe diem.


10. Secret talent?