How to Have the Perfect Spring Break

When it comes to the month of March, there’s only three things that matter—finding the perfect pub to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, watching Duke crush it in March Madness, and most importantly, Spring Break! While you’re on your own when it comes to the first two, Her Campus has your back.

Planning your perfect break can be difficult, so it’s important to stay organized and lay everything out so you don’t mix up the dates or make any mistakes. Erin Condren products can help you to map out the dates keeping everything color coded, and highlighting all the details with stickers! The perfect break starts with the perfect plan!

Once you get your squad’s plan down, it’s time to start packing. When you’re on a space budget, it can be hard to decide what to bring. Obviously, you’ve had your outfits planned for weeks, but as far as toiletries, it can be difficult to choose the necessities. Pass on the heavy shampoo and conditioner combo—you can always use what the hotel has! —and opt for the lighter and more versatile Freeman Beauty Psssst travel size dry shampoo. It’s lightweight, paraben-free formula will keep you feeling fresh and clean!

Makeup can also really start to add up, and you might not have the space for everything. Bring the perfect shade from the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips collection and leave the lip liners and brushes at home!

Simplicity is key, but you also don’t want to forget anything significant. Packing a small first aid kit can be the difference between spending your break in the hotel room under the covers or on the beach getting tan. When your packing Bandaids and Midol, don’t forget to squeeze in the Cystex!

If you’re skipping the beach in favor of a frostier vacation, that doesn’t mean you have to skip the tan! With L’Oreal Sublime Bronze, you can come back with a warm sun-kissed glow without ever seeing the sun! Combine that with a Juicy Couture “Life’s a Beach” charm bracelet, and nobody will question whether your tan is real or fake!

Finally, stay occupied during any plane delays or snow ins with an empowering Actually She Can publication. Nothing beats learning about other strong and inspiring women in your spare time!

Whatever you bring with you for spring break, have fun and be safe!