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How to Dress Like a Dane: Shoe Edition

In Copenhagen, shoes are the most important part of an outfit. First of all, since everyone wears neutrals, wearing standout shoes is the one way that you can make a statement. Secondly, since getting around usually involves some combination of walking, biking, and taking the train, your shoes have to be able to take a beating. In this city, a pair of shoes has to be super fashionable, comfortable, and representative of who you are. That’s not hard to find, right?

The most common type of Danish footwear is the wedge bootie. I was a little skeptical about these, but after a few weeks of adjusting, I’m sold. These shoes are really comfortable and dress up a casual outfit. They’re perfect for wearing to class, to Perkins, to Shooters, to go on a date. You get the idea; they’re perfect for every occasion. I love them. Also, since they’re not your typical stilettos, you can wear them out at night and not tripall over the cobblestones on the quad when you get back. You get to save face (pun intended) and still look cute.

The combat boot is another winner. These shoes can seriously withstand anything and add a little bit of an edge to your look. I got a girly, suede pair with leopard lining that easily folds down. So far, these shoes are serving me pretty well. I got a huge oil stain on them last weekend, but they managed to clean right up. (Fun fact: eraser takes stains out of suede.) If you spray them with some sort of waterproofing spray, they’re not bad for wearing in the rain and the snow too.

The last type of shoe that seriously deserves the spotlight is the high top sneaker. Crazy Nike patterns and other leather, studded high-tops are all the rage here. If I budget well, I might end up with a pair before I leave. These are the ones that people get a little aggressive with. Mixed with black skinny jeans and a leather jacket, a pair of neon high tops just looks so fierce. I can’t do it justice.

When picking shoes for the fall, it’s best to just do it like the Danes. Pick a few pairs of really versatile shoes that will hold up well, while also making you look a little more sophisticated.

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