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Her Campus Duke’s Guide to Workout Gear

With the fall semester in full swing, it’s about time to start thinking about hitting the gym again. After a long day of studying, running around campus, and sitting through classes, Wilson Gym may be the last thing on your mind. Need a little motivation? Treat yourself to a workout-gear shopping spree. With a closet decked out in the hottest new work out gear, you’ll be dying to get your sweat on.

1. With cold weather around the corner, you may need some warmer apparel. Don’t run (walk?) the trail without the right gear. A top like Lululemon’s Gust Buster Jacket not only keeps you warm; it also keeps you safe with a reflective panel! Don’t want to splurge? Adidas offers similar warm weather tops that won’t bust your wallet.  

2. Every runner/ workout enthusiast needs a great pair of leggings. Nike offers a nice variety of lower extremity options. Take a look here!

3. For the more relaxed days (I’m thinking Sunday morning), Lucy has a great variety of yoga themed apparel. The best part? Lucy tailors their pants to suit short and tall consumers by offering a wide range of sizes (short, tall, and medium length). 

4. For all you over achievers out there, Athleta offers cycling-specific gear if you’re up for the intensity of a spin class!  

Once you’ve got the gear, you need somewhere to show it off. Go ahead and sign up for a P.E. class or check out the group fitness classes offered by Duke Recreation and Physical Education. Or, you can always go ahead and fly solo on that elliptical… Regardless of your fitness method, you’ll be fully equipped to look cute and confident! 

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