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Getting Through the Week with Brooklyn Nine Nine

Just trying to make it though the week as told by Brooklyn Nine Nine…




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When you realize that you’re completely unprepared for the week because you spent all weekend messing around, and you walk into your first class, and your professor decides to give you a pop quiz on the reading you haven’t even looked at.

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You try to get ready for your 8:30, but the struggle is real

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Then you remember that you have a midterm in your stats class tomorrow.


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When you stayed up all night studying and your friends try to be supportive when they see your still in Perkins in the morning.

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When you take the test and go to lunch with a friend afterward, but keep thinking about everything you probably missed.


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When it’s almost the end of the week so you decide to break your diet and treat yourself to fried mac n cheese bites from the Loop at dinner.

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With your productivity completely gone, you decide to screw around with friends instead of doing work at night.


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When the week is almost over and you can barely hold it together.

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So you squad up for a night out with your friends and things may get a little out of control.


You wake up in the morning totally incapable of doing any work at all.

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But you manage to rally and somehow pull together a coordinated costume with your best friends.

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You wake up in the morning determined to do work, but end up getting distracted instead.

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And then it’s already night time when you realize that once again you got nothing done over the weekend.

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Have a good week everyone!

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