The Futuristic Inventions of Today

It’s 2015. I have to say it out loud to convince myself that it’s true. I mean, seriously…we’re practically in the future! And, although we may not have hover boards like in the fictional Back to the Future version of 2015, we do have some crazy technological advancements. I’ll introduce you to some of our recent gadgets that make the stereotypical vision of the future seem not so far away...

First on our list is (drum roll, please) the Hapifork. Launched in 2013, this fork is designed to vibrate in your mouth to slow down your eating. Its goal is to prevent overeating and promote weight loss. The Hapifork is connected to Bluetooth, so you can check out your stats (you know, forkfuls per minute and that kind of riveting stuff) on an app. For just $99, this fork is bound to make you Hapi :) 


Next up, the ultimate gift for that “scared-of-the-dark-but-too-cool-for-a-nightlight” friend. I present to you, LED Light Slippers. These slippers come with built-in, battery operated lights. The lights turn on automatically when you are walking in dark spaces. Don’t even worry about slipping, thanks to the non-skid soles found in these glowing wool slippers. You can make these bad boys your own for $40 and…wait for it…FREE SHIPPING!

There’s no denying the overwhelming presence of iPhones in our society. This last invention targets the smartphone-using population with Wearcom jeans. These jeans contain a clear pocket with a touch-sensitive screen. Of course, this plastic-looking pocket is covered by a denim square to keep your jeans looking chic. Alphyn Industries has created these $160 jeans to convenience its customers because, after all, who can be bothered to remove their phone from their pocket these days?

Whether we like it or not, these interesting inventions are here to stay. In this modern day of age, there’s no telling what whacky gadgets will be created next. I’ll let you form your own opinions on how useful they really are.