Fun Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

One of the things that I miss most when I’m at school is the coziness of my home, especially when the weather starts to get cold. Although I love my dorm, it just doesn’t have the same feel as my living room filled with holiday decorations. However, I’ve found that making some fun crafts for my room boosts my spirits and gives my dorm a more festive look. Here are some of my favorites:
Candy Cane Vase
This is super simple to make and perfect for storing festive holiday flowers like poinsettias. Plus, you can snack on the candy canes while you make it!
Snowman Ornaments
These adorable little ornaments are the great to hang from the top of your window or simply place on a shelf to add a little holiday cheer.
Magazine Christmas Tree
If you’re like me and have tons of magazines lying around, this easy DIY tree is super easy to make. Add some ornaments and tinsel to give it some extra flair.
Ornament Garland
This string of holiday ornaments is perfect for hanging from your window or across your wall. 
Snowman Cookies

Okay, so maybe these aren’t technically decorations but they are a great way to get in the holiday mood. I love these snowman ones. Try getting a group of friends together to create these sweet treats.

These fun crafts can make any room feel festive. This year, take a break from studying to make some of them; it will definitely put you in a better mood. I hope you have a great holiday season!