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Finals as Told by April from Parks and Rec

By the end of Park and Recreation’s run, April Ludgate was one of the most relatable characters on television.  She embodied college students everywhere with her sarcasm, inherit laziness, and blasé attitude towards almost everything.  With finals week approaching this only becomes more true, so here’s a run down of finals week as told by April.

1. Waking up after LDOC and trying to find motivation during reading period.

2. Starting to study, but realizing how much you don’t know.

3. Deciding to procrastinate by writing RateMyProfessor reviews.

4. Finally buckling down and accepting your exam fate.

5. Walking out of your first final only to go straight to Perkins to study for your next one

6. Seeing your friends after a particularly brutal exam.

7. Making it through your last final, just to realize that you still have to pack your dorm up.

8. Realizing that packing may not be as bad as it initially seemed.

Good luck Dukies! And remember, at the end of the day, you're not in it alone.


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