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Fall Break 2012

With Fall Break just around the corner, it’s time to start solidifying your plans. Can’t decide how to spend those coveted days off? Her Campus is here to help with some Fall Break ideas.

1. The Outer Banks

For those looking to get away, the Outer Banks could be a good option. Rent a house with a group of friends or find an affordable hotel/Bed and Breakfast. A beach-y weekend is an excellent way to relax and get some fresh air before the weather gets too cold. Activities in the area include biking, golfing, fishing, kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding and skydiving. The best part? The Brew Thru drive-thru convenience store, of course. All the wonders of a convenience store and you never have to leave your car. Now that’s something worth seeing. The Banks are about 4-5 hours away by car. Check out this website for more information.

2. Washington D.C.
A road trip to D.C. is another great way to take a break from campus. It’s also about four hours away by car, but worth every second! Visit the Smithsonian, tour the national monuments, browse Georgetown shops, or explore the D.C. nightlife. Washington.org has compiled a great list of “100 Free Things To Do in DC.”

3. Stay on Campus
While staying on campus may not be the most glamorous option, it can definitely be a relaxing and productive alternative. Catch up on work, clean out your apartment, hit the mall, go to that movie you’ve been dying to see, read a good book (50 Shades of Grey), or catch some sun at the quarry. 

Crabtree Mall offers a wide selection of stores (many of which are not at Southpoint). In fact, it’s the largest enclosed mall in the Triangle. Shopping heaven is only 30 minutes away. 

Eno River State Park (more commonly referred to as “the quarry”) offers 10 different trails and a quarry area for swimming/picnicking. Being one-with-nature is less than 15 minutes away. 

 Wilmington Beach is another alternative if you’re looking to spend some time in the sun but don’t want to travel too far. It’s only about 2.5 hours away and offers beautiful beaches and a lively nightlife. 

Looking to add some glamour to your weekend? Her Campus is sponsoring College Fashion Week on Saturday, October 13th at the Mirage Nightclub in Raleigh. Come join us for a night of fashion and fun! (For more information, click here).  

4. Visit a Friend
Last but not least, visit a friend who has a different Fall Break! The school year can be so busy – it’s hard to find the time to visit high school friends at their schools. Fall Break is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your BFF in their natural (party) environment. 

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