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Duke in Barcelona

Back in January, when applying for study abroad programs, I opted out of the “Duke in” programs (Duke in Madrid, Duke in Paris, etc., etc.) and chose a program orchestrated by Cultural Experiences Abroad (aka CEA, aka “I’m really getting credit for this?”). Come September, I realized that more than 30 Duke students were studying in Barcelona despite my attempt to take the road less traveled. It’s been really great having such a strong Duke presence here… and then last weekend, things got out of control. All of the students on the Duke in Madrid program, along with dozens of others coming from Paris, London, Edinburgh, and countless other European cities descended on the streets of Barca.
Dios mío.

The weather was horrific, but the weekend wasn’t anything short of spectacular. There’s nothing like dancing in some of the most popular clubs in Barca with 60 other Duke students, or taking them to your favorite gelato spot, or showing them Gaudí’s beautiful buildings. The reunions were fantastic; every five minutes I was facing another person I didn’t expect to see in my city, and I pounced on at least half of them.

11 people stayed at our apartment. EE-LEH-VEN. And there are already five of us living here! It was insane.
Having so many guests was a great opportunity to explore parts of the city I hadn’t seen yet, my favorite of which being a cable car ride over the port at sunset. It was absolutely stunning, and so great to share with one of the loves of my life!

In a nutshell, we cooked, we explored, we raged, we danced, we laughed, we played… I’d explain in more detail, but this weekend just wiped me out. I need a nap.
Besos from Barca,

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