Doing Finals Right With the Her Campus Survival Kit

When the weather starts to get cold and the library suddenly becomes packed, you know it's finals week at Duke. This time of year can be super stressful for everyone; it seems like the holiday break is so far away! Luckily, Her Campus has provided us with the perfect survival kit to make it through the long hours of studying (or procrastinating by listening to the Justin Beiber Christmas album – no judgment here).

The cozy Vera Bradley blanket was perfect for lounging in Perkins late at night. Sometimes, you just need a quick power nap to fuel your all-nighter. And what better way to stay hydrated during your review session than with the Sorel water bottle. It kept our water deliciously cold and refreshing—the perfect wake-up call when we thought we were going to fall asleep.

We all know that finals week revolves around the same schedule: study, eat, procrastinate, sleep. The most important of these is obviously eat. Pitchforks and the Loop got old over the semester though, so we really appreciated the Chipotle gift cards that Her Campus sent us. There’s nothing like a burrito bowl to cheer you up.

It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself during finals week. That’s why the Cold-Eeze and Proactiv kits were especially useful. No one has time for a pesky cold or pimple. Also, the TRESemmé Perfectly un(Done) Sea Salt Spray kept our hair from getting out of control.

When we needed a little fun in our lives, the Michael Kors flash tattoos provided a great excuse to take a study break and accessorize a little. Who says you can’t look good in the library?

Surviving finals would have been much harder without the survival kit from Her Campus! With its help, we were able to make it through our exams in one piece.