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Put aside the crowded animal exhibitions, thrilling monster truck shows, and overpriced rides, and gear up for a full deep-fried front! Where is all of this unheard-of chaos taking place? Yup, you guessed it! It’s the infamous North Carolina State Fair. And as a Miami girl who has never experienced a true state fair, let me tell you, this adventure-filled night was so much more than just a unique experience.

Going about my day as a typical college student, I saw numerous signs and emails promoting this 10-day statewide event that receives over 1 million visitors every year. Serving the most traditional southern food and offering your classic carnival games, I figured that paying this spectacle a visit was a must!  

The minute I arrived, my nose immediately filled with the smell of fried food and my body immediately joined the giant crowd of college students, country bumpkins, and usual family fair-goers. Making my way to the center of the food court, I had to work hard to narrow down my options. Between myself and three other friends, we ate: a Greek Gyro, an Elephant Ear, a, Deep-Fried Oreo, Deep-Fried Mac N’ Cheese and a Caramel-Nut Apple. These eats are only around once a year and what better place than to go on a remarkable whirlwind food tour. Every fried concoction is the proper amount of fried.

Some other foods include:

Hot Wisconsin Cheese

Roasted corn

Greasy Turkey Legs

Specialty Flavored Funnel Cakes

Deep-Fried Candy Bars

Cotton Candy

Bacon on a stick

Yes, the amount of grease and human perspiration was overwhelming, but the atmosphere is so exhilarating and I would definitely recommend this experience at least once during your time in North Carolina. 

Freshman at Duke University! Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I love coffee, working out, tennis/ any water-sports, and trying new and exciting things!
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