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A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

Hey ladies, with 80 degree days headed our way, there’s been a major fashion shift on campus recently. Shorts and bright new spring colors have taken over for coats and winter blacks. I love spring and spring clothes but sometimes as a curvy girl, it can get a little overwhelming. With all yall beautiful ladies out there it’s hard for us full-figured women to feel comfortable baring a little skin. So for those of us who identify a little more with Beyonce than Mary Kate and Ashley, here’s a couple tips to enjoy the sun while still flattering those curves.

1. Not too tight!

One of our number one mistakes is to try and fit in with the skinny girls and buy everything too small and too tight. Since we have a little extra, we don’t want people to think we’re larger than we are so we avoid anything baggy or flowy. But slow down ladies, fabrics with a little give and a little room can smooth over those unfortunate lumps and bumps and avoid overflow (ie. The muffin top).

2. Structure, Structure, Structure

Things that are stretchy might appeal to us because you can gain and lose a few pounds and it still fits, plus its comfy! But these clothes tend to run too tight and they show every inch of the body. If you switch them for something with a little structure, your pieces will hold their shape instead of melting into yours. They hold everything in and keep it where it’s supposed to be.

3. Cinch it at the waist

The smallest part of most women is a couple inches below the ladies. Choosing silhouettes that cinch in here and then flow away from the body in an a-line are super flattering and not only make us look a little smaller but accentuate an hourglass build and make out legs look longer. High-waisted skirts are my go to because they just make me look so narrow! But if you go high-waisted, make sure the skirt is long enough that it covers and doesn’t turn into an unflattering mini.

4. Maxi is your friend

This one comes with a caveat – it has to be the right maxi. On my most recent summer shopping trip I stocked up on maxi skirts and dresses, mostly because they follow the above two rules. Most dresses are empire cut and skirts can go high-waisted and then the flowy material glosses over those trouble areas. But again, anything too tight or in a fabric that is too clingy can be the opposite of flattering.

Alright my curvy sisters, go forth in your fabulous Ray Bans, and conquer. Take some tips from these outfits but in general, tight and short is not our strength. The key is: don’t be intimidated, there’s plenty out there that can make this summer your most fashionable one yet.

I'm a Duke freshman from Davidson, North Carolina. I've got a love for southern sorority fashion but with a hipster twist. Think: Lilly Pulitzer shorts at an Avett Brothers concert. I like to bring a touch of the runway to campus and track trends every season, between papers and hours in the library of course! XO SJH
Duke 2015 - Central Jersey - Economics (Finance Concentration) & English double major