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It’s no secret that college is hard. However, it is important to reflect on the challenges college presents us with. There’s two L’s in college for a reason. A string of successive losses has been my consensus for my college experience thus far. I am a college freshman and the past two months have taught and enforced a few lessons for me.

Lesson 1: Self-Care Is So Important

PLEASE take care of yourself. I have bad anxiety and college has been a test on my ability to handle my anxiety, stress, and time for myself. Often times, I found myself drowning in a host of activities. This consensus has allowed me to recognize and feel less guilt when I have to take time in my schedule to simply relax. Your mental health is incredibly important. Failure to recognize this will lead to increased stress and less emotional and mental stability.

Lesson 2: It Is Not the End of the World

For many, college may be the first time one experiences “failure.” However, you have to experience failure to pave the way for future success. It sounds cliché, but in reality, it is true. You cannot reap benefits without first experiencing the turmoil and stress that comes with maintaining good grades, studying, and attempting to ace midterms and finals. Nonetheless, do not allow said failures to make you feel like it is the end of the world. Your success will come with time, so try not to get wrapped up in the heat of the moment. Reflect on what you need to change and use those changes as fuel for future endeavors and assignments.

Lesson 3: It Is Ok to Let It Out Sometimes

Cry if you need to. I am an emotional and sensitive individual. I tend to allow my emotions to build up, so when it gets to be too much, I release. My release is generally in the form of crying. This time to just exhale, is one of the greatest stress relievers for me. Sometimes it just all gets to be too much and you need to find a form of release. Whatever form that may be for you, use it to let go and start anew.

College is hard. I have learned the key to success is finessing continuous L’s; L’s meaning losses. At this point L’s generally do not even come as a surprise anymore. I use them to recharge and then take every obstacle I face with a refreshed mindset. Do not get lost in the pressures that generally come with the obstacles of college. College is hard, but you cannot allow its level of difficulty to distract you from the goal of getting out and starting new endeavors.

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