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Clothe Yourself for a Cause

The latest rage is to support a cause- any cause! The Bryan Center Plaza has become like a marketplace- you walk down it and collect a variety of goods from the individuals tabling for fundraisers and philanthropy events. You hear “just five dollars on FLEX!” shouted at you from all angles, and you’re so distracted by the t-shirts at one booth that you simply forget to get to class on time. I understand.
            So, what are these donations you’re making? What causes are you supporting, and what do these say about you? What are the latest cause clothes that everyone is rocking? Here are a few that have become popular in the last few months:
The Emi Jay Hair Tie Collection: “Guaranteed to make your outfit and your day”
These hair ties are the brainchild of two L.A. teens who donate their proceeds to Locks of Love. Awesome and altruistic to boot, they aren’t just hair ties- they’re accessories! They look like bracelets! The elastic never wears out, and you can stick them in the washing machine when they start to look like they’ve been around the block a few times. Featured in publications such as “O” Magazine, Marie Claire, Self, Allure, and Lucky, and touted by celebrity hairstylists, these hair ties bring new meaning to any updo you want to create!

Toms Shoes
The Toms Company has created many of the adorable slip on shoes you’ve seen around campus. Toms promises that, with every pair of shoes you purchase, they will donate a pair to a child in need. So, shop ‘til you drop for these cute—and very affordable—slip on shoes! They’re comfortable, they come in many different and unique patterns, and they hold up regardless of where you walk during the course of your day!

(PRODUCT)RED by Gap: “buy red, save lives”
www.gap.com or www.joinred.com
The Gap, the store that carries all of our basic staples for great prices, is a founding partner of (PRODUCT)RED. With every purchase of one of these products, the Gap contributes 50% of the profits directly to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS. They sell a whole host of t-shirts with creative slogans- pick up one today to help the fight against AIDS!

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