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Celebrity Style Spot: Emma Stone

I present to you, the fabulous Emma Stone. From jeans and a tee to color bloc heels and a cocktail dress Emma knows how to do spring right. Not to mention these fantastic shades that finish off most of her outfits and send the glam levels soaring. The main lesson to learn? It’s all about the layers ladies, sweaters and coats that you can take on and off depending on the varying spring weather. But once you have the weather figured out, add in a little color or floral to mix things up. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match florals or bright colors, it’s spring and everything needs a bit of life! But even on a normal day, get out of those winter blacks and throw in some nude to lighten your attitude and prep for some beautiful warm weather. 

I'm a Duke freshman from Davidson, North Carolina. I've got a love for southern sorority fashion but with a hipster twist. Think: Lilly Pulitzer shorts at an Avett Brothers concert. I like to bring a touch of the runway to campus and track trends every season, between papers and hours in the library of course! XO SJH
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