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#CelebrateYourself Summer Kick-off

What better way to end the school year and kick off summer than by celebrating yourself?! When we received the Her Campus Summer Survival kit, we decided we should wait until our last day of classes so we could have the ultimate celebration and really get in the summer spirit before we had to crack down for finals! 

At our end of the year meeting, we passed around the activity cards and after reading them aloud. It was impossible not to be so proud of our amazing team and of ourselves. It was a great way to get motivated for finals and know that we were going to ace them. Everyone had something so incredible to celebrate, ranging from internships in the states, to internships in Europe, to finishing that really hard class, to learning to see the best in people, to finally mastering that recipe. We all said our final goodbyes and headed off to Perkins to start our studying. 


My friends and I tried to make a pact that we would wait to use all the fun contents of the survival kit, but why wait when it comes to celebrating yourself?! I thought just putting the HC keychain on my bag couldn’t hurt. Luckily, all of my friends agreed. If nothing else until after finals, we could at least celebrate all the articles we had written this year by flaunting our Her Campus team on our bags, which would be glued to us throughout finals.

The one thing (besides the survival kit) keeping me sane through finals week, though, was knowing that in just a few days, I would be on Myrtle Beach with my friends. Trying to pack up my dorm in Craven on my first study break, I started making a beach pile for those days, anxiously waiting to be able to use my Blink Tattoos, lying on the beach in a bathing suit (thank goodness for the Crunch Live workouts!!), and reading a book like “Rich Bitch,” by Nicole Lapin. Though I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t rain while we’re there, at least I know I’m prepared with my Boohoo emergency poncho if it does! How many people will have CUTE rain gear that can be easily tucked away in a small suitcase in Myrtle? And with North and South Carolina weather, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did come in handy. Next study break: Chipotle with our Chipotle BOGO cards!! If that isn’t motivation to get an essay done, I’m not sure I know what it is…

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