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Campus Cutie: Franny Brancati

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

Franny Brancati

Hometown: Lutherville, Maryland (a suburb of Baltimore)

Year: 2018

Major: Biology and Global Health

Favorite TV show: I’m binge watching Parks and Rec for the second time, and it’s still hilarious.

Favorite food from Pitchforks: Fried egg BLT. Because it has eggs and bacon, and breakfast food is delicious any time of day.

Life motto: 3-1-5 is always alive. I live in room 315 and my roommate and I like to pretend we’re fun, but our bed time is like 11:30 at the latest, so it’s more like 3-1-5 is occasionally alive.

Ideal Friday night: bonding night with the roomie/ besties

Role model: My mom because she’s literally the coolest person I’ve ever met. (Hi mom! Look I’m featured in a thing!)

Devine’s or Shooters: Devine’s because my hair’s really long, and gets pulled a lot when I’m in Shooters.

Best gift ever received: My friend got me the “Franny Pack” for my birthday. It’s a fanny pack that says “Franny Pack” on it and it’s amazing. I wear it all the time because it goes with everything. I’ve worn the Franny Pack to Shooters, on an African safari, and with a Christmas onesie.

Hidden talent: I can rap all of Rap God. Except it’s not really hidden because I rap it all the time so that people will think I’m cool.

Strangest thing to happen to me at Duke: A girl on my hall sleepwalked into my room the other night, and crawled into bed with my roommate at 4:30 a.m. It was pretty awkward at the time, but now it’s just funny.

Favorite movie: Space Jam because Michael Jordan is the greatest actor of all time.

Dream place to visit: Thailand because Thai food.

Fun fact: I have the same birthday as my mom and my sister (my sister is my twin so it’s kind of cheating).


Freshman at Duke University! I love my friends, running, buying things I can't afford, and watching Gossip Girl.