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Adventures Across the Pond 6: How I’m Doing – A GIF Story

If there is one thing I have learned while studying abroad, is that time flies and it waits for no one. Even as I write this, I have less than 3 weeks left in this beautiful city and am literally on an emotional rollercoaster, so I thought I should update you guys on how I’m doing.

About two weeks ago, I took a trip to Italy with a few of my friends and it was AMAZING!!

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We stayed for 5 days and it was literally not enough time. After coming back I thought I gained half my body weight in pasta.

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It was honestly bittersweet to come back to an empty fridge and eating eggs and toast for every meal. But I knew it was time to get back to work and classes.

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It legit hit me in the face, as I had an assignment due the day after I got back and I had zero clean outfits left.

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After having to start my week almost immediately after getting off the plane, I kept that energy all week. Then on Friday, I decided to live my best life and go out.

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I had so much fun, but work was calling me. I knew I had to focus because the following week was Thanksgiving.

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Eventually Thursday came around and my friend group planned a Friendsgiving and it was seriously the cutest thing ever. I was so excited to introduce cornbread and sweet potato pie to my British friends and it was surprisingly a success.

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The next day, I became so sick but still went out to party.

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Naturally that was the wrong idea and un-ironically I am still sick.

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Despite all that, the last two weeks have been filled with some ‘fun’ and ‘not so fun’ memories but they have been some of the best. With only a few days left, I am trying my best to make even better ones.

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