3 Things to Start Implementing Into Your Daily Skincare Routine!

We’ve all been there. Maybe your skin is feeling a little too icky and oily, or maybe you’re like me, and the dry skin on your face is something that just seems to never go away during these wintery months. And no matter what product line or the insane amount of money you drop on brands that promise but do not deliver, things do not change. Even if these things do not apply to you and you’re glowing like the college campus goddess you are, there is still the chance that you’re looking for a change in your skincare routine that will give your skin a new bounce - so here it is. 


Double Cleansing!


There’s no doubt about it - double the cleansing can seem a little daunting to some, mostly because it means a longer routine. But trust me on this one, this step is probably one of the most important, and if you’re trying to cut down on all the steps in your routine, you better make this one a priority and not skip out on it. Double cleansing means getting that deep clean and getting all those disgusting toxins and pollutants out of your system - remember your body is a temple and your skin just happens to be the largest organ there is, so best keep treating her the way she deserves. This step consists of first washing with an oil-based cleanser, just to get rid of the nitty and gritty, and then is followed by a water-based cleanser - you know, just to be thorough.  Especially now, with COVID, I’ve become even more persistent with deep cleaning, not only my hands but my face too. Even if it does not reduce the probability of me catching the virus, it must help for something, right? 


Before I got into my skincare spiral during quarantine - consisting of so many hours of YouTube videos to the point that my entire feed was just Harper’s Bazaar’s “Go To Bed With Me” and Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” mini-series - I was not as invested in how my skin was looking or feeling. My dry skin was just a nuisance, and I thought of skincare being incorporated with makeup, which I have never taken the time to master, even now. But when I realized it is more than just washing your face in the morning, maybe even not at night just because we all get lazy like that sometimes, inspiration struck, and I knew I had to do better for my body. Now I am not going to say I have had the most radical transformation like the ones you hear about from YouTubers. Still, I notice increasingly satisfying things about the way I look and feel after having implemented a skincare routine I follow religiously. 


Being the essential that it is, double cleansing needs products that will work their magic, while being affordable for the ‘lifetime value’ it holds since it gets used up pretty quickly. The word oil in the oil-based cleanser may leave you feeling a bit jittery, especially if your skin is the opposite of dry somehow even in the winter, but there is no need to get freaked out because if you get a cleanser with the proper ingredients, it will actually balance out oil production. Some of the best budget-friendly brands are ‘DHC Deep Cleansing Oil’ and ‘Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil,’ both of which will keep you feeling hydrated and rejuvenated. After my deep dive in skincare, I discovered the brand ‘Laneige’ that leaves my skin feeling like fresh dew. The Korean skincare brand is most widely known for its Lip Sleeping Mask (which my lips have also become addicted to), but its most underrated product is by far the Moisturizing Cream Cleanser. All the other water-based cleansers I used before finding this one do not compare; just a small squeeze from the container has you all foamed up and leaves you with a soothing feeling after you rinse. Some other great products to check out are ‘KraveBeauty’s Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser,’ ‘Honest Beauty Gentle Gel Cleanser,’ and ‘Herbivore’s PINK CLOUD Rosewater + Tremella Creamy Jelly Cleanser.’ Just remember, look at the ingredients to make sure there are not any inflammatory or triggering ones that will give an unintended reaction! 




Serums are personally the highlight of my daily skincare routine, they make me feel lavish and leave my skin cool to the touch, and the best part is that they do not take up an extra 10-15 minutes like face masks or other non-essentials do. It may be because my skin gets to the point where it feels like reptile skin during the winter, but this extra touch really makes a difference to how I look and feel. They are full of active ingredients that will absorb into your skin and make it smoother to the touch. The best serums are boosted with vitamin C, green tea, and/or vitamin E. There is an increasing number of selections to choose from nowadays, from anti-aging serums to hydrating ones to those curated for skin-brightening. I use ‘Innisfree’s Intense Hydrating Serum,’ infused with green tea, which leaves my skin feeling positively glowing - plus it smells great and is easy on the budget, so what is not to love. Other great brands include ‘SweetChef,’ which has their signature serum shots packed with all types of vitamins I didn’t even know existed, ‘TheOrdinary,’ which has concentrations of hyaluronic acid perfect for hydrating your skin, and ‘Glossier’s Super Pure,’ which gives you healthy dose of niacinamide acid to nourish and clarify your skin. 


Moisturizer + SPF! 


When you see SPF, maybe your mind takes you back to memories of the beach where your mom is slathering on that white cast sunscreen with a distinctly unpleasant smell, probably from the Costco pack of bright yellow ‘Neutrogena Beach Defense’ - at least that is what I thought of it at first. But the sunscreen I am talking about is the lighter, still protective facial sunscreen that will do miracles for you even when it goes unnoticed. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking you only need sunscreen when it is hot or sunny outside. Do not be one of those people to fall into the trap and end up with wrinkled, aged skin right after hitting your 30 years mark! SPF is more of a preventative measure, but it should not be overlooked - trust me, you will be thanking yourself when you are older. We also need it now more than ever. Because of the increased use of technology resulting from the pandemic, there has also been an increase in blue light exposure, which research shows can break down the collagen in your skin. So even if you are cooped up in your dorm room all day, sunscreen can still be your skin’s savior. 


I have integrated SPF into my morning skincare routine, and I do not even count it as an extra step because I mix it in with my moisturizer. It is as simple as that. The best sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays, so be on the lookout for products that mention both. I personally use ‘Biore’s UV’ water-based sunscreen, but other brands like ‘Elta MD’ and ‘KraveBeauty’s The Beet Shield’ that do not have a white cast are also easily applied, unnoticeable, and will not tighten up your skin.