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With buildings coming and going, confusing or hard to find, DU buildings are interesting and useful. Keep reading to find out which building you are most like.


You might be Sturm if your mind is in a million different places all the time. You are part of all the clubs, but always make sure to stay on top of your studies. Despite being pretty frazzled most of the time, you are definitely the “mom friend” always prepared for any situation. Raining? You’ve got an umbrella. Someone has a headache? They come to you for the ibuprofen.

Anderson Academic Commons

You are the library if you love being around people, but when you get down to business you need to find your alone time. You are always open to new experiences and love trying new things. A fun fact about you is that you know a lot of fun facts about random things. This makes you an outstanding conversationalist with a great sense of humor, and you attract people easily. It’s always a great time when The AAC is around.


If you are Driscoll, you can never make up your mind and are pretty much always conflicted. Stay in and watch a movie with friends or go out and meet new people? Go to bed early before your 8 am or stay up studying or watching Netflix? You end up going back and forth a million times, but usually end on the same answer. The same goes for when you are ordering food. You look at the menu for way too long and end up getting the exact same order every time. As for outfits, you definitely care about keeping up appearances, so you put out an outfit the night before everyday and end up changing it about 5 times every morning.

Daniel’s College of Business

You are the Daniel’s College of Business if you must have your life in order (or at least make it appear that way). You are continuously on top of things and appear completely calm even with a million things on your plate. But, once you arrive home the hair goes into a bun and the sweatpants come on; then, you get down to business, and your true stress comes out. You have a magical ability to make all of your late nights and hard work look unrealistically easy and seamless.

The Newman Center for Performing Arts

You’re artsy. You’re a fashionista. You are The Newman Center for Performing Arts. With a beautiful rose window to top it off, you are a genuine, confident person who is not afraid to let loose and choose outfits with a style that is bright and truly you. You are always up for a good time, whether it’s a late night fast food run in your jammies, or a light rail ride downtown and getting all dressed up. You’re easy going and fun to hang out with. You give the best advice, tell the funniest stories, and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Your positive energy is contagious.

The Engineering Building

If you are the Engineering building, pulling all-nighters and wearing pajamas to your 8 am classes is your forte. You’re semi-nocturnal. Your sleep schedule being somewhat non-existent except for some much needed naps that you sneak in between classes, even though you are always awake and peppy. This is your thing and you’ve got this routine down. Your best friends are the laser cutter and 3D printer, which you utilize for life hacks such as making last minute gifts for friends and customized dorm decor.

So, which building on the DU campus are you?

Hi I'm Cami Chaikin. I am an undergrad theatre major at the University of Denver. I love fashion, animals, being outside, and theatre. 
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