What Type Of Student Are You?

I know what you’re thinking- There is no way this chick can know what type of student I am by my breakfast choices. That’s just absurd. 

And you might have a point. I’m not a psychic or a fortune teller. I am not the best advice-giver and I’ve probably never met you in my life. But hear me out. 

Breakfast is important. Therefore, I am going to judge you on your breakfast of choice. It may not be logical but it will be fun (especially if it’s accurate). 



A meal made out of oats. A breakfast of champs. A food that looks sticky and sometimes, gross. Nevertheless, it’s dependable and versatile. 

If you eat oatmeal for breakfast you’re the type of student who likes to take their time. Some call it procrastination. Deadlines? Not a fan. In class activities? The first question you ask is whether you can do it later.


Nutritious and delicious. Scrambled, over-easy, or an omelet. 

You are solid. A dependable group partner. You are somebody who knows how to do their work in an efficient way, without getting too stressed. I bet a lot of people wish they could be as calm and collected as you are. 



So many different flavors and all you need is a spoon. 

You are late. You are always running late. You’re running so late that you’re eating your yogurt while fast-walking to class. Just don’t spill on your shirt again, ok? 


Not technically breakfast but definitely necessary for college students.

If you only have coffee for breakfast you’re the type of student that uses your planner. For everything. Deadline in 3 weeks? Put it in the planner. A book report due next quarter? Put it in the planner. Your Psychology test was yesterday? Put it in the planner. Your mind is scattered, especially without coffee. 


Granola Bar: 

An easy breakfast. Can be classified as brain food. 

You are the type of student who does not mess around. You get things done on a schedule. Your papers and projects are done to the best of your ability but you’re not about to exceed the necessary because you have places to go and people to see.



I honestly don’t know why you would not eat breakfast. If you don’t eat by 11 am, you’re a monster.  Sorry ‘bout it.