What Music Means to Me

What does music mean to me? Music means an escape from a stressful world. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best version of myself, and this results in a lot of stress. Especially in the current climate of coronavirus – all of us are dealing with undue stress to add on to what we were dealing with before the pandemic. 

Music has become important for me during this time. I take time for myself by putting my earbuds in, jamming out, and relaxing to some soothing tunes. It gives me a break from outside interaction and allows me to look inward and check in with myself. Music allows me to take a step away from all my internal and external stressors. 

When I am able to listen to music, I can forget about what is making me anxious and enjoy the moment. If I am anxious and stressed, music is how I calm my mind and body. 

Woman with headphones listening to music Bruce Mars

Music means dance for me. Dance has been in my life since I was 3 years old. Over the years I have done ballet, tap, contemporary, and hip hop. There has always been a part of me that feels music internally. When I want to move in a certain way, I can feel it reverberate through my body. It becomes all-encompassing, and I get lost in my own world. Music travels through me. It feels natural, this personal and private experience that lets me clear my head. 

Music means a way for me to focus. I’m someone who easily gets distracted. This is especially heightened right now, as I’ve had to adjust to a different location, house, and routine from when I’m in school. It has made focusing on schoolwork much more challenging for me. I sit in the same room every day for attending Zoom classes and doing homework. But listening to music while I work keeps me focused. It helps me while I am cooking, cleaning, or doing a puzzle as well. It keeps my mind entertained while taking care of daily tasks. 

I am not able to go a day without listening to music. It means everything to me. If I didn’t have the enormous privilege of having access to it every day, life would be a challenge for me. I’m very grateful because I’ve benefited significantly from music being a part of my life.