What Music Means to Me

What does music mean to me? A lot of things. Throughout my life, music has always been there for me. Since I was really young, I learned how to play instruments like piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone. At one point, I even tried to sing. I danced in ballet until I was 17. 

I grew up surrounded by music. After school, I was either at ballet lessons or music lessons. I developed a love for music because it gave me peace and a space to disappear. When I played an instrument, I would disappear into the notes. When I danced, my body would become one with melodies. I was no longer a person. I was a song flowing with the power of classical songs. 

As I grew older and started to think more about my future, I had to let passions like piano and ballet go. It hurt to do, but I was committed to dedicating my spare time towards studying for the SATs and applying to college. Once I got to college, I found a love for volunteer work. My past hobbies stepped into the background, fading away with the other things I left home when I came to college.

But, music always stayed with me. I have playlists for each of my moods. One of my favorite things is sitting somewhere with a beautiful view, listening to music, and thinking about how life is very much like music. It has its beats, its ups, and downs. It has lyrics and meaning. Life is a song on its own. 

people with their hands raised during a concert Pexels

As my playlist goes on, I think about all the people in the world that might be listening to that same song at that exact same time and what they must be feeling. They don’t know we are connected by this song, but we are. 

I create music videos in my mind and relate songs to my life. Music has become therapeutic for me, as dancing was years ago. I like songs with beautiful instrumentals, the kind that makes you feel like your spirit is being lifted with lyrics deep but also simple. They are not hard to understand, but they are hard to process. I like music that makes you feel something, songs that put your life into three or four minutes of melody. 

I can’t last one day without listening to music. It’s comfort and healing for me, as music makes me think about the person who wrote it and how I connect with them. It lets me know that I’m not alone in what I’m feeling. 

Music does more than connect people – it connects you to yourself. It reaches deep into my head, and I find myself dropping a tear after a song that went straight to my heart. Music has always been part of my life, and I doubt that will ever stop. It’s become more than music to me. It’s become part of who I am.  

Pd:  Here is my playlist 


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