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What to Do When You’re Snowed in This Winter

Winter can be fun, but it isn’t always that way when you feel like you’re trapped inside. Not all of us like to go snowboarding and skiing… there, I said it! With winter comes inclement weather, but a snow day can be the perfect time to be productive (or unproductive, if you wish!). Here are some ideas for things to do when you’re snowed in.

Binge watch your favorite show

I had to put this one first because it’s my favorite option (and I would argue it is actually pretty productive!). Netflix has some great shows for binge watching, some of my favorites include Atypical and The Good Place. Also, now that Disney+ is a thing, there’s a whole new world of binge watching at your fingertips. Grab a blanket, some hot cocoa, and get to watching!

Do some winter cleaning

If you’re trapped inside, it may be the perfect time to de-clutter and organize. If you’re feeling in the mood, you could even have a holiday playlist blasting in the background to pump you up for holiday festivities (or even multi-task and binge watch WHILE cleaning – what a concept). De-cluttering isn’t the most fun thing for us all, but you’ll feel much better after it’s done.

Cook or bake some new things

You’re locked inside, so do a little inventory of the ingredients you have and make some new things! Who knows, maybe you’ll even create something new you actually really enjoy. There are even some websites, like supercook.com, that allow you to type ingredients you have into a search engine and it’ll offer you some recipes you will be able to make with them!

Have a little spa day

Treat yourself to your own mini spa day! Soak in a nice, warm bubble bath while reading a book (or listening to one, if you’re too afraid to get your book wet like me) and grab a face mask. Then, paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, and whatever else you do to help you feel clean and refreshed! 

Get creative with some crafts

Part of being an adult is less time to draw, paint, sculpt with clay, etc. Being snowed in gives you the perfect excuse to channel your childhood days and create some awesome things. Whether you want to make something silly or work on a DIY to spicen up your living space, being creative will help prevent you from going crazy while being stuck inside AND release some stress.

Plan, plan, plan

Sounds simple, but a day in could actually be the perfect opportunity for you to plan the next week, month, or year (if you’re courageous) out. Whether you’re old-fashioned and like to get artsy in a physical planner or you like to use your computer, start planning ahead. It’ll be worth it and help you feel more motivated and prepared once the snow finally melts and you’re back to reality!

These are just a few ideas of things to do when you’re snowed in this winter. While you may be tempted to just sleep all day, there’s plenty to do while being stuck inside! Happy Winter!

Hello! I am one of the Her Campus DU Campus Correspondents! I am majoring in Psychology with minors in Chemistry and Criminology with the hopes of becoming a Forensic Psychologist someday! I joined Her Campus to be able to get my voice out there, as writing is one of my utmost passions. Some of my favorite things include Jesus, my family, and learning new things.
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