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I know it is hard to envision your college experience in the midst of COVID; however, we are all here to make this experience safe and fun for all of you. As an RA, my community and my floor mean so much to me. I want you all to be healthy, but also to make memories that are going to last a lifetime. To do so, we need to be able to stay on campus. Here are some tips from me, an RA living in a freshman dorm, to make this experience better.

Commit to and respect COVID guidelines provided by the school

I know it’s hard sometimes, but this is the only way that we are going to get through this. DU has prepared all summer and trained every single one of its staff members (including RAs) to provide a COVID-free environment. So with that said, don’t put you or those around you in danger.

Meet the people on your floor

Don’t be scared to go to your neighbors’ room and just say hi! During these times we need to keep our circle as close as we can, so make friends with those who live with you and around you.

Find new ways to meet people

While going out to parties is fun, we cannot do that right now if we hope to keep classes on campus. Please be polite to those around you and avoid going to parties and large social gatherings. Large gatherings are high risk, so find other ways to meet people. There are dozens of on campus groups that you can join to help you branch out and meet new people. Go to Crimson Connect to explore available groups and clubs.

Enjoy the outdoors

Whether it is dining outside or just taking a walk through the park, going outside will help you feel fresh and ready for the day to come. Meditate outside and soak up some vitamins before the winter comes. You can also gather with friends outside during the day, while socially distancing and wearing a mask.

Be kind to your RA and DU staff

We are here to help you be safe. Please follow the rules and make our jobs simpler. We are here to help everyone have a great experience. Let’s all cooperate as a community and fight the spread of the virus. 

Majoring in Psychology Minors in Criminology and Gender Studies. Love to be here.
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